About Us

Company Profile

Founded in Iskenderun, Turkey in 1944, LAM (Lyonel A. Makzume) Group of Companies has grown from a single local shipping agency into a group of shipping, logistics and service companies. LAM has the know how and integrity to develop strategic partnerships with companies and groups sharing the same professional and social values. This has led LAM to become not only a national leader in its field, but also a regional player establishing its own offices in countries neighboring Turkey, and this since 1996. LAM spread over 4 continents, 30 offices around the world and has + 400 multinational professionals. We are very proud to offer all our customers a dedicate service on international and regional levels thanks to a dynamic and professional team spread over the region and answering to the same work ethic. LAM is a family owned company, however, each of our colleagues at LAM can enjoy a smart combination of family and corporate values that makes their everyday job fun and rewarding, and adds value to their everyday life.

Our Mission

LAM Group of companies’ managers and employees believe that health, safety, security and environmental sustainability is a must for the good of its valuable employees, their families, for customers, visitors and other third parties. We believe that HSSE related incidents can be prevented and can be reduced with an effective HSSE management system. Quality of our approach, action, written materials and equipments reflects our dedication to HSSE in our organization.

Our Vision

Our goal is simple: provide the quality services while preventing harm to the environment and people; minimize risks of accident and damage.


Our commitment is to perform an effective HSSE system.

  • To be in coordination with LAM HSSE management system and all HSSE regulations.
  • To set HSSE system in all offices.
  • To provide necessary HSSE policies and instructions for employees, clients, guests and other third parties.
  • To provide and to sustain safe, secure and healthy working environment.
  • To support preventing action culture.
  • To set measurable goals and aims for periodical controls.
  • Actively promote feed-backs for continuous improvement.
  • To report HSSE related cases and near miss cases.
  • To report HSSE performance to senior manager.
  • To revise LAM HSSE management system periodically.



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